Thursday, 26 June 2008

So we fast forward to around the 20th August 2007. Its around 1800 I'm lying on the couch getting ready to go up to bed. As since January 2007 I have been crashing every night at around 7pm as I am struggling to keep myself up right in a chair. The phone rings and it my mum. She says "have you got any ice?" I said "yes we have ice." She replies "put an ice cube on your eyebrow. Ring me back and tell me what happens." I thought I would humour her. I know that for the last 8 months she has been spending hours on the Internet religiously tapping in my symptoms to see what disease I have. She keeps mentioning Myasthenia Gravis, in fact she has mentioned it since January 2007. However Im a little resistant to things that I haven't heard. Im the one with the medical mind, shes the one with the menopausal one. Anyway I get the ice, I apply it to my eyebrow. The most amazing thing happens my eye opens spontaneously for the first time since January 11th 2007. It stays open for around 2 minutes once the ice is removed. I ring my mum, who is cool as a cucumber, she tells me that's its a diagnostic test that they use in Australia for Myasthenia Gravis. Its a lot cheaper than the £1000 blood test I have just had. Im amazed scared and angry all at the same time. I have been suffering since January 2007 and my mum has diagnosed me. In fact she diagnosed me in January 2007, she confirmed her diagnosis with a bloody ice cube.

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