Thursday, 12 July 2018

Lifes a bit shit at the moment

Life’s a bit shit at the moment, I find quite often it goes like that.
You can be on top of the world one day and thanking your lucky
stars about how sweet things are and then the universe finds
out and pulls the rug out from underneath you.

I am normally quite honest with my readers but this is stuff I can’t
and won't discuss for the time being. Rest assured hubby and
I are fine as are our babies ( Mollie and Frankie). Its stuff outside
us our little bubble that is impacting us. Its having a massive
impact on my mental health as in my anxiety has spiralled out of
control again, I feel constantly that I am on the verge of a
panic attack if I am not 100% distracted.

I hate holding stuff back as I like to think above all else I am
honest with you but it’s not my story or my life. The people
in my bigger circle deserve their privacy and I will always
respect that.

On top of this the heat has suddenly got to me. I can’t move
without palpitations, I am feeling faint and generally exhausted.
I would be very happy for a few cooler days just to give my body
a rest and get things on a more even keel.

Due to everything that is going on at the moment not a lot of
sewing has taken place. I have lost a bit of my sewjo, I have
managed to get three bags started for friends and hopefully
they will be completed this week. I just need the space and
time to be able to do this, thankfully they are all very
understanding and know that I can’t work to tight deadlines
as I never know when my health will let me down. The mind is
willing the body says nah!

I have decided to name my little dog walking pouches
The Travis Bag,  after our first Weimaraner, who brought
such love and joy to our lives. He loved his walks so I think
it’s apt that these bags are named after him.

Thursday, 5 July 2018

CBD Life product review

As you know I rarely do product reviews due to the fact I think
many bloggers don’t inform their readers that they are being
paid to promote products. I receive no free products or money
when I do a review. The products ( and there have been only
a handful in the 10 years I have been blogging) I have reviewed
have always been purchased by me and today the product I
will be talking about was bought by me and I have no links to
the company, nor have I received any money / financial incentive
for this product review.

I follow quite a few chronically ill bloggers on various social
media platforms. I pay close attention to those that have EDS
because quite often they will tell you something about a
product be it a brace, crutches or pain relief that you didn’t
know. I was very interested when one of them said that she
had been using the CBDLife products - their website can be
found here  with good results.

I have tried cannabis oil before ( the legal stuff before
anyone gets animated) but it did nothing for me other than
taste absolutely foul. I had the stuff you had to drop under
your tongue from a well-known national health food store
It was disgusting stuff green and slimy. I think I managed
to take it for a few days before I gave up. I was having to eat
a teaspoon of sugar to get the grease and taste out of my
mouth. From that bad experience I wrote off cannabis oil as
a mad fad and nothing more. Until a friend of mine started
talking about her experience of using products from CBDLife.

After being in excruciating pain for a few days and
ever -increasing amounts of morphine not touching it I decided
to take the plunge. If it didn’t work it was an expensive mistake
but at this point anything was worth a go. I decided to choose
the vaping method, which meant I would have to taste the stuff.
Plus the blurb on the website says that the vape gets it into your
system much quicker than any other route. I was a little worried
about the vape as those of you who have followed my blog
for a while will know I gave up smoking on 6th August 2017.
I used a vape initially to help me quit for the first three weeks
and then stopped using that. I haven’t smoked since. I was
worried that the vape may trigger the desire to smoke but
thankfully it hasn’t.

My vape arrived the day after I ordered it which is fab
customer service. The only downside with the site, I feel is
that you can only pay by credit card, bank transfer or bitcoin.
I ended up paying by credit card as I felt I had a bit more
protection. My vape arrived in this snazzy little case

Inside the case you have the cartridge containing cannabis
oil, a USB connector to charge the vape and the vape part.

It all goes together very easily, it just simply screws together.

Now as I said earlier I had a shit experience with cannabis
oil in the past and it did nothing for me. This vape contains
a much stronger cannabis oil, as you can see from the sites

I started using it as soon as it arrived. Initially the vape made
me cough my guts up! I had the same issue when I stopped
smoking and started using a vape. However with a couple of
goes I got the hang of it. Now just to make this clear this
cannabis oil is the completely legal stuff in the UK. I don’t get
high or giggly or hungry taking it. Saturday night was the
first time I noticed a difference, I slept the whole night through.
That hasn’t happened in years, at least 10 years. No waking
up in a blind panic, no waking up in pain. That really threw
me and I just assumed it was a fluke.

However a few days later after using the vape 3 to 5 times
a day, I realised that I hadn’t touched my oramorph ( liquid
morphine) at all. I had a brand new bottle of it in my medicine
cabinet and just hadn’t opened it. Now in all the time I have
been taking oramorph that has never happened. Some days
I am taking it every 4 hours to attempt to get my pain under
control. I was in shock.

I was also sleeping all the way through the night and I was
feeling much less anxious than I normally would. As I said
earlier I haven’t slept through the night in years, it just never
happens it doesn’t matter how tired I am, I will wake up
between midnight / 1am and then I am awake until 3am / 4am.
I have been like this for years no matter what medication the
doctors give me to help me sleep.

I have been so impressed by the results of using the vape that
I have dropped my slow release morphine at night from 30mg
to 20mg. Again in all the years I have been taking morphine
the dosage has only ever gone up never down.

During the last two weeks I have barely had to use a hot water
bottle for back pain. I have had one bad day ( day 9) where
I ended up using oramorph twice as my back was playing up
and I also had some bowel adhesion pain.

I saw my gp last week when I was five days in using the vape
and she was amazed at what I was telling her. I said this maybe
the placebo effect but like she said who cares what it is if you
are in so much less pain that you are able to reduce your
morphine dosage. And do you know what she is right.

The type of pain I suffer from is muscle spasms, nerve pain,
joint pain, basically every type of pain. It hasn’t got rid of my
pain completely but then nothing ever has but it has helped
massively with muscle spasms - which had me in agony every
night. Even my feet have stopped going into spasm and that
has never happened.

Overall I am incredibly impressed with this product, so much
so that I bought an extra cartridge for it to ensure that I don't
run out….ever. If you suffer a great deal of pain / chronic
pain it is certainly something to think about.

Quick list of improvements
Sleeping through the night for the first time in years
Not waking up in pain
Only needed to use a hot water bottle twice in last two
weeks for back pain
Reduced my night time dosage of morphine by 10mg
Have used oramorph twice in just under 14 days
Muscle spasms have stopped (feet and back did it daily)
Less anxious
Feel calmer and happier