Friday, 6 May 2011

Dysautonomia, a really crappy hand to be dealt

I will be honest I am fed up with all the crap that goes along with dealing with this illness. I would love one day to wake up feeling well, rather than this constant level of crudiness.

Today I am in pain, I'm having a HS flare and moving my head is making me feel spaced out. My pulse is still doing its disco dance. I actually want to get off this roller coaster ride and have a break.

I have been looking for support groups on face book and twitter but I am on such a downer I can't take anything in today. I hate it when I feel like this. At least hubs will be on holiday from work soon and I will have a bit of company for a while.

I don't know why I started this post, its a pity party and I don't throw those.


Rachel said...

Rach, We all need a good pity party now and then!! Give yourself some time, I'm sure you will find a support group!!

The Myasthenia Kid said...

thank you hun xxx