Thursday, 17 November 2011

Midodine one week in ...

Ok so its been one week of taking midodrine. Its not made any difference to my blood pressure etc, but then I wasn't expecting it to until we hit the right dosage. Ive had very little of the piloerection (hair standing on end, I just love using the medical term!).

However I have developed a rather unpleasant side effect....I'm having problems urinating. I want to go it just wont come out. I don't want to be graphic but I am straining to the point of holding my breath to pee. It's ok when the dose wears off as everything is back to normal. The problem is I am straining so hard my bladder is just aching.

Ive written on a few forums to see if anyone else has experienced this symptom but it looks like I'm the only one. It is a stated side effect on the patient information leaflet and the drug is used for people with some kinds of urinary incontinence as it tightens the bladder sphincter.

I just need to know if this is a symptom that's going to wear off or am I stuck with it. If I am stuck with it I am going to have to stop taking the meds its just too painful when you urinate as often as I do.

I am scared as well that its just going to get worse as I increase my dose next week. Oh the joys of my chemically sensitive body!


minx said...

Sounds truly rubbish sweetie! There's nothing worse than not being able to pee!!!!! I have my fingers crossed that the side effects settle down soon xxx Always thinking of you x

Em said...

certainly would get this checked out if you can before you up the meds. didnt have many problems, within two weeks i was put on the typical concoction of pots meds. did get the tingling scalp, yet at the time i couldnt of cared less!!! take care. xxx