Thursday, 22 February 2018

My week in sewing

I am sorry that it seems like it has been months
since I have written a proper blog post. At the
moment I just have lost my ability to put pen to
paper, there is nothing currently firing me up,
making me want to speak passionately about it.
Other than sewing, nothing (other than hubby and
my dogs, friends) brings me a great deal of joy.
It’s understandable you don’t experience that amount of
bereavements in such a short amount of time and escape
unscathed.So I am trying not to be too hard on myself and just
produce what I can, so that you my loyal readers,
some of you who have been around for the last ten
years don’t lose faith.

At the moment I have been sewing like a woman
possessed. It is the only thing that I can lose myself
in 100% is sewing. I usually start with the radio on
but at some point just zone out and no longer hear it.
I live for sewing at the moment it is all consuming. Even
my Emma Bridgewater collecting has started to take a
back seat as I am so focused on sewing.

I have made quite a few bits over the last week,
unfortunately some of them are gifts for people who
may read my blog so I can’t post the photos.
I will post what I can though!

Last week I forgot to post this photo of my
spring wreath that I made.

I also started my first ever quilt. I am using a kit which is called quilt as you go. So each block is built individually and then when all the blocks are made you sash them together and then bind the edges.

Hot water bottle cover which is a gift for someone that doesn't read my blog basically they do very little online.

Quilted mat for sewing machine to sit on

It's been quite a busy week sewing wise.
Today I am having a non sewing day as
my hands have swollen up making it quite
painful to bend my fingers.
A day of rest will hopefully sort it all out.

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