Monday, 11 April 2011

Totally not with it!

My brain has decided to up sticks and take a holiday today! So if you see it out and about on your travels let me know!

I knew on waking today would not be brilliant I had that sinking feeling. My neck muscle are also on vacation, maybe they kidnapped my brain and they are holding it to ransom? Who knows?

No I haven't lost the plot (completely maybe just partly) its just my eyes keep rolling in my head every time I move my head, which is then leaving me feeling spaced out. I can only type this as I a refusing to look at the screen. I will have to check once this is typed to see if it makes any sense at all. If I look at the screen its taking me a minute or so to get rid of the dizziness and be able to type again. Have a go yourselves and see if you can prevent yourself from switching between the two. Its something you do naturally and means you have to make a concerted effort to ensure that you don't look up.

I made the mistake last night of getting the shopping delivered today, thought I would save hubs a job. Well transporting it from the front door to the kitchen has totally done me in. I live in a small terraced house not Buckingham Palace! I will be toddling off for a nap shortly.

Nothing much else to report today - really its bit of a non post. If I handed this is as an essay at school it would have in big red marker pen - must try harder or see me!

Must check now that I have used the right words and not the random ones my brain has chosen for me!

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