Thursday, 12 April 2018

My latest sewing projects

My mood is very up and down at the moment, the only thing that is keeping me
sane and happy is my sewing. I am grateful that I still manage to find the joy
in putting fabrics together for projects and making magic. To me sewing is a
magical art in which I can lose myself. I am amazed at the things I create
especially when you consider I celebrated my 6 month sewing anniversary
on 7th April.

As I am all over the place I thought I would share with you some of my makes
from the last few weeks. I can’t remember what I shared with you last - my
memory is a bit dodgy from the new medications making me a little groggy
in the mornings.

I bought myself a new sewing machine a Janome Atelier 5 - I love it. Yes it was
expensive but it was bought with money I had inherited. I also worked out that
if I banked the money from not smoking for the next 14 months it would also
have paid for it. It is the best thing I have done, it is an absolute bloody work
horse and oh my days making quilts has been so much easier.

I managed to hurt my back getting the beast (which is what I have
nicknamed it )  through the house. So after setting it up I just sat and stroked
it for about an hour. However I soon got to grips with it and used it to sew the
binding onto to my first ever quilt.

I quickly started on a new quilt, which was another quilt as you go, which
was a Rolling Stone design. I wanted to get this sewn / finished reasonably
quickly as we were having new sofas delivered and I wanted a quilt for each

I managed to get quite a bit done but I didn’t complete it until after the sofas
arrived. I was about two days out. As you can see Mollie and Frankie
absolutely adore the new sofas

I also in between making the quilt and the sofas being delivered I made
6 baby bibs, for my friend Pam (who sadly passed away in January) whose
daughter who had given birth to a beautiful daughter. I had promised Pam
before she passed away that I would make something for the baby.
The bibs were finished with Kam Snaps that were adjustable so will fit the
baby for a while.

I managed to finish my Rolling Stone quilt towards the end of last week
and I was very pleased with how it turned out. There are still a few mistakes
in it but it is a vast improvement on the first quilt I made.

My next project has been something I have never done before which is
foundation paper piecing. I have always been a little daunted by FPP but
no longer! I have been making a pouffe for the lounge so that instead of Mr
Myasthenia Kid putting his feet on the coffee table he can put his feet up on
a pouffe. I am still working on it as I am waiting for some zips to arrive so that
I can put a zip into the bottom of it so that the cover can be washed (with two
mutts and Jay in the house things need to be washable). I have made a stuffed
inner out of some stuffing I have had hanging around for a while and two bags
full of fabric off cuts that I have collected over the last few weeks. I have also
made a covered button to put on the top in the middle just to finish it off.

Over the next few days I will finish the pouffe and hopefully remember to
post a photo on my blog. If I don’t it will be on my instagram account
@rachelmorrismcgee or on my facebook page

I finished late yesterday afternoon....


Carleen said...

Beautiful creations! You are on a roll. Glad you are using smokes money to enjoy your talents even more. Lovely ❤️

Rachel Morris-McGee said...

Hi Carleen,

Great to hear from you! Thank you for reading my blog and leaving a comment, it is so kind of you.

Giving up smoking has lead me to develop a very expensive fabric habit! But at least that is better for me. This week I have started an English paper piecing quilt which will be a long term project. I am using all the scraps from my previous projects to make this quilt for Jays room.

Thanks again for reading and taking the time to leave a comment.

Rach xx