Thursday, 31 May 2018

Bl**dy Ears!

For the last few weeks I have really been suffering with dizziness,
I haven’t really said a lot about it as I hate being a negative Nellie,
I don’t want my blog to be me always moaning about my health but
sometimes things are a bit shit and that's what its like at the moment.

I had a cold a while back and I knew it had messed up my ears as they
started to feel very blocked. When I went to the dentist a few weeks
ago I could barely hear him when he was talking to me as I was so deaf
that day. I have been taking stugeron (cinnazine) like its been going out
of fashion as the dizziness has been so bad I have been falling over.
I feel like I have water trapped in my ear and some days the dizziness
is so bad I can barely move until the stugeron has kicked in. This morning
I asked Mr Myasthenia kid to pop into the doctors and book me an appointment.
Thinking I would probably get an appointment in the middle of June, so
imagine my surprise when he rang to tell me I could be seen this afternoon
at 15.30. I needed to go anyway as I needed to see if they would
give me some diazepam to calm me down when I see the dentist - which they did.

At the appointment there was also a student doctor present. Apparently they
don’t really get a chance to look in ears until they do an A&E placement
- with little kids shoving stuff in their ears and up their noses or if they elect
to do an ENT placement. So the student doctor had a look straight after the
doctor did. That was quite good because the student doctor had to then explain
to my gp what she had seen, so I got to learn a little about what was going on
in my ear. Apparently my left ear the good ear is entirely normal however my
right ear is very dark, light should bounce back in a healthy war. But as I
have fluid trapped behind my eardrum it makes my ear a dark place. So for now
I have to use my nasal spray religious for the next month. If that doesn't clear
it then I have to go back and get stronger steroid drops…..if they don't work I
am looking at the possibility of grommets again. The problem with fluid trapped
behind the eardrum is that it F**Ks up your balance and hearing - it makes me feel
very ill. It also puts you at high risk of getting an ear infection. Sometimes my ear
is very painful with it, most of the time it isn’t painful at all. I would just like the
constant feeling of water in my ear to do one now as once you acknowledge
the feeling it's very difficult to distract yourself from it.

I have had a couple of days where the dizziness has been unbearable and
one day last week when I ran out of stugeron. Thankfully my dad came to the
rescue and dropped some in to me. When it’s bad I can't do anything until the
meds start working, I have to lie or sit very still. If I can’t take stugeron
( as I have run out) then it will just get worse and worse until I can’t stand up
without being sick or falling over. I find this incredibly debilitating. I know
I have quite a catalogue of things wrong with me but there are just a few I
really struggle to cope with, CSF leak(s), full-blown migraines and this.
Everything else is a walk in the park compared to these three, Anything that
prevents me from being (almost) normal, I really struggle to cope with.

Thankfully the dizziness does reduce significantly when I use stugeron, it would
be much worse if I got no relief. I have been able to do stuff over the last
week on the sewing machine. I finished my kimono and I am 90% happy with

I also started working on a
WIP (work in progress) that has been hanging around for a while, I hate having
unfinished projects hanging around the place. So last week I decided to
finish the patchwork part of a quilted wall hanging.

The wall hanging involved quite a few 2 1/2 inch half square triangles. 32 to be exact, it's the most I have ever had to make. They then had to be trimmed down to ensure they were the correct size, something I always struggle with.

This was it almost completed just the borders to go on. One of the most difficult things I have made and I became acquainted with my seam ripper!

This is it with the borders on. I now need to quilt it, currently it is draped over the top of my sewing machine with wadding / batting and the backing pinned and glue basted on, waiting for me to decide how I will quilt it and what pattern I will choose. Its 24 inches square so not a small wall hanging. At least I know where it is going once it has been completed. If you had asked me Friday or Saturday I would have told you it was going in the bin!I also managed to knock up this box cushion dogs bed for Frankie to sleep on in Jays room.

I also managed to knock up this box cushion dogs bed for Frankie to sleep on in Jays room.

I bought the sheep material a while ago I love it. The bed has been filled with foam from an old bench cushion that has been in my loft for a few years and some old throws. It is much bigger and softer than his previous shop bought bed and he can really stretch out on it.

Due to the fact I have been feeling quite grotty with my ears I have also had days where I have been taking it easy and using the time to do some slow sewing. I have been making an English Paper Piecing quilt for Jays room. This is my progress so far

I managed to get so much done that I ran out of the little kite shapes that sit between each octagon.  So I had to make some more of those as well.

I took my slow sewing down to the doctors with me today, just as well as I was waiting 45 minutes for my appointment!

Let me just say it  - Bloody ears!

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