Friday, 28 January 2011

Just a bloody awful day and no its not because I'm sick....for a change

At 4am this morning I was awoken by my husband ringing me asking me to call the police as he had been involved in a road traffic accident. He told me the dogs and he were fine but the car was on its roof. I assumed he meant he was in a car on its roof. Thankfully a few minutes later he rang back and told me it wasn't him but the drivers of the other car who were so drunk they could barely stand.

I called the police and gave them My husbands mobile number. 4 police cars, 2 ambulances and one dog handler unit attended. I can not fault the police or the ambulance crew. All were concerned about our dogs which was very touching. The windows had smashed and they had been showered with glass. 2 dogs have been slightly injured with small cuts.

When Hubby got home an hour later I wept it was only then the full horror hit me. Today I could have become a widow. The police told my husband had he not swerved to avoid the car that was traveling on the wrong side of the road and had become airborne after hitting a grass verge, this car would have gone through the windscreen and killed my husband. Literally I was a split second away from losing the love of my life.

The car is written off, my husband is injured, my dogs are injured but they are all alive.

Never forget the most important thing you have in your life are the people you love and the people that love you. The rest is immaterial.

I hope all of you will remember this as until today I think I had almost forgotten this and been too caught up with other things.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

something lighthearted ..... for a change

Thought I would post something completely off topic as its been bugging for a few days.....

So is it weird to wear a shower cap? My husband just falls to pieces whenever he sees me in it. Its pink with little red strawberries on it. I use it because I have quite long hair and if I don't use it my hair gets soaked no matter how hard I try! So why does it have this affect on him? I know its not the sexiest little number in my wardrobe but why is it hysterically funny to him?

Next question.....Is it weird at the age of 37 to love the CBEEBIES show SHAUN the SHEEP! Its so funny. I saw it yesterday for the first time and I was crying with laughter! In fact I think I am going to sky plus it in future and watch them when I need cheering up!

So does anyone else out there wear a shower cap?
Does anyone else over the age of 18 watch Shaun the Sheep?

Have to tell you also about this blog my friend writes about his travels to work on public transport. If you have ever used public transport you will understand this! the address is
Don't be put off by the latest posting its very restrained!

If you are into creative writing you can check out this site by my BFF

You can also find me at twitter I go under the name of kidmorris. Just trying it out and seeing how I get on with it!

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Bed Rest

Thought I would just let you all know that after 30 hours of bed rest I am just starting to feel human again.

All I did to get in this state was a trip to the local hospital 30 Min's each way and just under 2 hours in the hospital. Oh and I forgot two nights of very little sleep due to insomnia! So actually it isn't that surprising!

Its taken this long for my heart to stop going into spontaneous bursts of tachycardia - even though I am lying in bed not moving.

I asked my husband if he told anyone at his work (I used to work there too) that they had actually diagnosed me with POTS now. His answer was "yes, but I only bothered to tell the people that genuinely care about you and me. " He said a couple of them had heard of it but were now going to google it to gain a better understanding of it.

Those people are true friends, they don't just listen but they act on what you tell them, to understand what the condition is and to see if there is anything they can do to help. That is the very definition of a friend. Thank you as it means so much to both of us.

Its just a shame that I have now got to start settling down to try and get some sleep now that I feel so much better!

Night Night xx

I have a diagnosis


Again I haven't been on in a while. I haven't been doing very well and I have to balance what I do with rest periods. Unfortunately that means that I can't always post on my blog or there isn't much to tell you as I have been stuck in bed a lot of the time.

Yesterday I had to attend the local hospital for a tilt table test. Its a very basic hospital table that you are strapped to and they raise to a 60 degree angle and whilst you are standing they monitor your heart rate and blood pressure to see what its doing.

I will be honest it wasn't very pleasant around half way through I started retching, trying to be sick. My heart felt like it would beat its way out of my chest and I felt like I was going to pass out. I don't know what my base heart rate was, I tried to remain calm but I know it would have been in the 90's before starting the test.

Listening to the Dr who performed the test discussing it with his student Suzie, I heard my pulse had rocketed to 150 beats a minute, it has also hovered around 130/140 beats per minute.

When they put me back into a lying down position my heart rate dropped back to normal very quickly. It was so impressive the Dr even commented "that's one of the most dramatic things I have seen. Its POTS isn't it!" My heart soared I finally had a diagnosis for some of my symptoms. I didn't say anything as I didn't want to ruin the moment and I was still trying very hard not to vomit everywhere.

The Dr then turned to me and said "well young lady you have POTS" I replied "yes I know, Ive been trying to convince my GP about that for a year, unfortunately he doesn't believe the condition exists. Oh well its only taken 4 years to be taken seriously." I was absolutely consumed with anger - which I thought was really strange. But then I thought about it, I was angry at having to jump through all these hoops to finally prove that there is something wrong with me and its not all in my head. I was angry that despite providing my GP with medical journals and books written by people such as Blair Grubbs - The fainting phenomenon, I had still been dismissed. I had even done whats known as a poor mans tilt table test at home, where you measure your pulse on standing then at 3, 5, 7,10 Min's etc and gave this to my GP. Only to be told there is nothing wrong with me and its normal for your pulse to go up to 150 beats per minute on standing. Well it clearly isn't and the condition would explain why I feel so bloody lousy all the time.

Once I got home I felt a bit better, you could tell how angry I was as I didn't ring my mum straight away I needed to calm down. My mum, dad, sister, husband and friends have been my supporters. I also have friends I have made on the Internet through various forums and they have never met me but believed that I was ill and it wasn't in my head. Without those people cheering me on telling me I was ill and I wasn't doing it for attention I would have given up long ago.

I know that this is just another battle, I haven't won the war. I need to have the EDS/ hyper mobility recognised and diagnosed along with the gastroparesis. Many Dr's like my "wonderful" GP still don't recognise the condition. There will be other battles but after 4 years ( my being ill anniversary is 11th January 2007) of being given diagnosis's and then having them taken away or being accused of attention seeking, there is something there that I can't fake and have no control over heart rate and blood pressure!

Plus we still dont know what is causing my double vision, ptosis and nystagmus.......Occular MG?

I go back to clinic in 3-4 weeks time, so if I don't post before I will post after that.

Happy new year xxxx