Sunday 4 March 2012

bloody hell its March already!!

Where did January and February go? Come on I want to know who has been hiding them?

Thanks for your comments on my last post - they show up in my email and I read them and then I forget to publish them .... well I have lately.

Em - unfortunately been there done that with the fludrocortisone. Horrendous migraines and did sweet fanny Adam's to my blood pressure. I tried it from March 2011 (I think don't quote me!) until November 2011 at varying doses by the end I couldn't tolerate half a tablet. I tried taking it with pizotifen as well to see if that would stop the migraines and it just didn't work. Oh well you have to give these things a go until you find the right combination / solution.

Jess - Ive been off gabapentin for two days. Bit of a long story! Isn't it always with me! You are completely correct about gabapentin being contraindicated with MG. I took it to prove the MG connection - which as most of you know is still up for debate. Day two being off it and I feel like me again, I actually feel awake and alive instead of in a drug induced fog with absolutely no energy. I mean the kind of energy where by the end of the day you can't even follow a TV programme. I stopped taking it because on Friday at 230am I woke up with the most horrendous stomach pain / gall bladder pain. I belched continually for 45 minutes - not something any lady should admit to but hey Ive said far worse on here so what the hell! The pain was so bad I thought I was going to have to call an ambulance. It shot through to my back and under my right shoulder. I did the next best thing and took a handful of painkillers and googled! It wasn't dyspepsia as I'd already taken lansoprazole as I have a hiatus hernia (courtesy of EDS). Eventually around 2 hours later the morphine began to work but I felt awful. I knew there was a link with gabapentin and gall bladder / pancreatitis so decided not to take it. I am lucky that I have that option - not being epileptic. Today I am awake and feel alive, I don't feel confused, I feel like theres some gas in the tank, for the first time since Ive taken it. I'm ringing the Dr tomorrow to tell him I won't be taking it anymore. The side effects are just too much. The gall bladder is still a little achy and when prodded makes me squeal but I'm not unduly worried. Between me and you (the readers) I fell of the diet waggon big time last night with no ill effects!

Hubby is as far as I know being a saint on the diet front! Well if he is cheating its not showing on the scales hes now just a pound away from 2stone! I'm stuck at a 12lb loss - less said the better last night was not the only time the falling off has happened!

So I thought I would give you a quick update and let you know I'm ok. Thanks for the comments and hopefully now I am off the gabapentin I can remember to publish them!